NNV Lighted QD Top Plate

NNV Lighted QD Top Plate

Two Vets

Two Vets "The Kit" Tripod

M-Lok Stackable 4.7" Arca Plate

Stackable Arca Rail Mount for M-LOK, 4.73" long. The "Stackable" keyed alignment design allows an unlimited number of sections to connected end-to-end. Uses three M-LOK interlock slots for added strength. Has 2 force reaction pins at one end; open at the other for fast insertion. Fits the 3 most popular tripod Arca plate connection styles: 1: End pin retention, 2: Slide sideways sliding release pin, and 3: Center boss raised island security style heads. 2 oz. Made in the USA.  Patent Pending.

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